Liberal Zionists in America Have Nothing Left to Say

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During the Second Intifada, liberal American Jews like me had nothing to say against the steps taken by Israel to secure its citizens from Palestinian suicide bomb attacks. Many of our friends further to the left did, and we got into harsh and sometime unforgiving arguments with them. The same thing repeated itself with the Second Lebanon War, the first incursion into Gaza, and then the second and more short-lived one. While I don’t think I was too wrong, at least in a general if not always a specific sense, about the kinds of choice made by a sovereign nation state in defense of its own borders and the security of it citizen, it is also true that critics to the left were right about one very important thing about which people like me were naive and unknowing.

I always presumed that security would secure the possibility for peacemaking. I guess…

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Science fact of the day:

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Jean Grae On Sway In The Morning

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2 Chainz “Tim Westwood” Freestyle

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Kendrick Lamar Reacts To Jay-Z’s Verse

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The Prince

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Forever Black Effusion


Bamun Kingdom, Cameroon
Princess Ngutane cradles her firstborn son, Amidou
Mounde, who was born in 1915

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